About Us

About us

MCS – Medical Communication Systems, Inc. was founded in 1994 and has been in business for the physicians, by the physicians. MCS pioneered mobile computing solutions for highly mobile healthcare providers by releasing a Palm Pilot based Patient Charting product way back in 1997. MCS was very successful in ramping its mobile products to fully functional Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution along with integrated solutions for revenue cycle management, patient portal, and numerous integration brokers.

MCS provided wide spectrum of services, such as, software implementation, training, revenue cycle management consulting, and quality improvement consulting. MCS’ product suite was branded as iPatientCare, which has been acquired by iPatientCare, LLC, owned by AssureCare, LLC since 2019.


It is our mission to develop, apply, and market methods, technologies, products, and solutions that support patient-centric information architecture for evolving streamlined collaborative workflow among the healthcare payers, providers, patients/sponsors, diagnostic facilities, and retail pharmacies; resulting in enhanced quality of care, increased patient safety, reduced administrative overheads, and increased effectiveness and efficiencies of healthcare processes.